Trulight 5000 series (5500, 5510, 5520)

TruLight™ 5000 Surgical Light’s design makes the light easy to operate and offers flexibility and multiple future options for your hospital. The automatic re-adjustment of the illumination level in typical working distances, the adjustable colour temperature, and the possibility of camera integration all make this light versatile enough for any surgical application


The desire to set new standards with innovative solutions is the guiding force behind product development at Trumpf Medical. The latest OR Lighting generation, TruLight™ 5000, is a result of this approach. Combining adaptability with efficiency, the TruLight™ 5000 Surgical Light provides you with the ease of use and the investment security that you require to future-proof your hospital. Individual adjustment adaptable colour temperature and pattern size, to meet every surgical procedure.

Key Features

  • Intelligent versatility an illumination level that is automatically optimised for different work situations; thanks to ALC Plus
  • Ease of use Sterile adjustment of the light intensity using capacitive sensors located at the control grip and the light head
  • Communication optimal communication platform; through the integration of video systems for digital transmission in HD format
  • Efficient technology, Low heat and extremely high light output due to the special lens / LED combination
  • Environmental compatibility, Low power consumption; thanks to a durable LED light system that does not contain any heavy metals.

Similarly, in the case of the TruLight™ 5000 Surgical Light, proven functionality meets technological advancements that have significant impact on the quality of work in the OR. Equipped with adjustable colour temperature and pattern size adjustment, the TruLight™ 5000 Surgical Light offers an exceptional performance range that benefits you during daily use. The optics of the TruLight™ 5000 Surgical Light System are based on the most precise research and long-term experience. The result is a highly developed LED multi-lens matrix. Its special lens geometry and arrangement of the LED elements in the light head result in excellent light quality and maximum efficiency.

Ergonomics are critical to clinical staff. The TruLight™ 5000 Surgical Light meets this demand with a wide range of intelligent features, creating more time for what is important;the patient. For optimal use in different clinical environments the TruLight™ 5000 Surgical Light is available in different versions and offers impressive versatility combined with investment protection. The TruLight™ 5000 Surgical Light systems can be equipped with our high-quality TruVidia™ Camera and monitor solutions, which can be incorporated into the Trumpf Medical™ high-end video system with full HD quality.

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