Trulight 1000

The TruLight 1000 Examination Light combines the essential features of Trumpf Medical’s innovative light solutions into a compact exam light. Equipped with powerful LED light technology the lights are extremely efficient, offering high performance with low production of heat. Ceiling, wall, boom, or mobile versions offer you versatility and a wide range of application.


With its LED technology the TruLight™ 1000 Examination Light offers not only higher light intensity but also superior light quality when compared to conventional halogen lights. Light is optimally distributed by the unique Trumpf Medical™ multi-lens matrix, which provides homogenous light quality in both area and depth for the best-possible visualisation during examinations and minor procedures. With specially balanced support arms that are very light weight the TruLight™ 1000 Examination Light is easy to position. Plus, with the sterilisable handle it is suitable for hygienically critical applications. Everything you could want in comfort and flexibility, our lighting system offers compelling advantages over the traditional halogen light including a significantly longer service life, less heat generation, greater reliability and lower power consumption. The TruLight™ 1000 Examination Light is available in ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted and mobile versions. With its high flexibility and space-saving compact design, it is a necessity for medical practices, outpatient clinics, and hospital examination and delivery rooms, as well as preparation and recovery areas. Think of it as the “one for all” light.

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