iLED 7

With the latest 3D sensor technology, light field size and intensity of the iLED™ 7 Surgical Light remain consistent regardless of the distance between the light and the surgical site or the position of staff under the lights. The iLED™ 7 Surgical Light can be operated using the touch-screen wall control panel, wireless tablet, or directly from the sterile light handle including acoustic feedback. One light – many options


The iLED™ 7 Surgical Lights sensor-controlled assistance system provides even lighting conditions and eliminates shadows, even when the surgeon is working directly beneath the OR light. The system identifies obstacles in the field of illumination and activates or deactivates individual LED modules accordingly. As a result the surgical field remains fully illuminated without the need for manual adjustment, allowing the surgeon to focus on the patient and the task at hand. All settings on the iLED™ 7 Surgical Light can be entered using a touchscreen mobile tablet, a wall-mounted operating panel, or through the Theatre Control Panel.  The clearly designed graphic interface enables intuitive operation. Basic functions can also be adjusted directly on the lighthead. A sterile handle is also available as an option, giving the operator the availability to quickly manage selected functions. The slim design of the iLED™ 7 Surgical Light was developed for the specific requirements of the OR personnel, not only can the OR light be used in operating rooms with conventional ventilation systems, it is also ideal for rooms with laminar air flow systems.

Key design elements include the opening in the center of the light, the rounded lines and the smooth surfaces. A combination of lightweight materials and compact design makes the iLED™ 7 Surgical Light easy to position and manage. If the usual working distance is changed, the 3D sensor in the iLED™ 7 Surgical Light automatically adjusts the light field size and illumination level of up to 160,000 lux. OR Staff are able to work under consistent lighting conditions at all times without the need for manual adjustment, saving time and allowing the surgeon to concentrate on the surgical site. Consistent lighting field sizes are available for the commonly required distances in surgery of 0.8 to 1.3 meters. With the unique Smart Pattern function three different sizes are available. After setting the illumination field size the iLED™ 7 Surgical Light automatically stores the setting, even after manual adjustment of the working distance.

The uniform handle unit enables the iLED™ 7 Surgical Light to be equipped with a standard handle, sterile operating handle or disposable handle making it adaptable to the current staff requirements. If you purchase the TruVidia™ Wireless Camera now or in the future, it can be connected without the need for modifications. You can also combine the OR light with other Trumpf Medical™ devices, such as the innovative TruConnect™ OR Integration System, or Caresyntax OR Integration platforms, as required by the customer.

The iLED™ 7 Surgical Light can be directly connected to the innovative and delay-free TruVidia™ Wireless Camera System via the handle unit interface, providing brilliant recordings in full HD. Individual images for documentation purposes are possible using the snapshot function. Benefits of wireless technology: ability to install and/or upgrade this system at no additional cost or the need for complex video cabling. In addition, it can be controlled from the mobile tablet or wall mounted operating panel.

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