Our CIRCULaIR range of Laminar Air Flow Canopies offer the customer a fully compliant Ultra Clean Ventilation solution that is innovative, bespoke, customisable, and independently validated to HTM03-01 standards,

AHS’s CIRCULaIR is a proven UCV LAF solution with multiple independent scientific case studies behind it. Chalmers University have undertaken these studies showing a measurable decrease in CFU’s during operations when using CIRCULaIR compared to other leading UCV LAF canopy manufacturers products.

Key Features

  • 22% more efficient than current UCV LAF canopies.
  • ‘Skirt less’ Design.
  • Independently validated to HTM03-01 standards.
  • Features high and low level extraction with wither Internal or external re-circulation systems possible.
  • Bespoke designs – Circular, Oval, Rectangle, Square, and elliptical shapes to suit customer requirements.
  • Internal bespoke lighting system for fatigue management, plus procedural lighting such as Laparoscopic and Endoscopic for example.
  • <5CFU/m3 @300mm from patient during operation. Measured mean value of 1CFU/m3
  • Bespoke fixing solutions for integrated rails, multi positional light fixings, and ceiling pendants.

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